Catching Drills

Fielding Bunts - Getting A Runner Out

  • Rolling The Ball
    Coach stands behind catcher and simulates bunt by rolling ball down first or third baselines or directly in front of catcher.

    An added variety to this drill has the coach calling the base to which the catcher is to throw. This makes the catcher react to the call.

  • Over The Shoulder Toss
    Catcher assumes his stance. Coach stands behind the catcher with a ball. The coach tosses the ball over the catcher's shoulder. The catcher will field it and throw it to a designated base.

  • Three Balls
    Place one ball near the first base line, one up the middle, and one near the third base line. Catcher assumes his stance. Coach stands behind the catcher and calls out which ball to field.

  • Runners Running
    With runners standing at home and first base, the coach (who is behind the catcher) performs an Over The Shoulder Toss. The runners take off when the ball hits the ground. Catcher fields the bunt, decides which runner to throw out, and makes throw. Award 1 point to defense if runner is thrown out at first; award 2 points to defense if runner is thrown out at second. {Offense earns 1 point for reaching second safely and one-half point for reaching first safely. Which ever "side" earns 5 points first wins.}

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